SiXeS (Eagle Gryphon Games) is a party game.

In fact, the box actually says 6+ in the players count.  It’s a party game and that’s all; don’t try to make it anything else.

This game plays like a lot of party word games that you’ve played in the past (insert obvious comparisons to Scattergories here):

‘Here’s a category/thing – name six things related to this category/thing.’


The game distinguishes itself from others of the type by having 3 rounds with different goals.  Each round last one minute (timer not included).  The first is the “Match” round.  You score points for giving answers that are the same as your opponents.  The second round is the “Unique” round where you score points for giving answers that are not given by any of your other opponents.  The third round is the “Lightning” round where you score points for again matching your opponents answers but this time you must give one answer in each of six categories.  If at any point you score 6 points in any round you get a 7th point extra,which the rules call a “crooked 6.”

Do all of this twice, count up your scores and someone wins.

So…what does this game have that others of its type do not?

First: Sixes. This game has more sixes on the box than any game ever. 6+ Players.  Ages 6 and up.  6-66 minutes.

Seriously though…it is fast.  You can usually play in less than 10 minutes.  The bigger the crowd the longer it’ll take, but also the more fun it’ll be, because the answers will be weirder and funnier.  And you really also don’t have to have six to play it, it played fine with as few as three.  I think the beauty of SiXeS is that it is simple and easy to pick up, which makes it perfect for a party.

Also, it’s compact.  It’s a very small game that travels extremely well.

Plus it’s cheap (everywhere I found it advertised, it was $10 or less).  Although I think it could’ve included a timer and still kept its size and cost similar.

Lastly, it’s fun.  It’s not a deep strategy game.  It’s not a thinker.  It’s a light party game that has the added benefit of working really well with groups that have known each other a long time.  Inside jokes work really well, especially since answers are judged valid or invalid by the group.

SiXeS doesn’t take itself too seriously.  The game is meant to be light and fun – and that is where it succeeds.

Ninja Approved.


Eagle-Gryphon games provided us with a copy of the game for review purposes – no other compensation was provided.