Wing It

Ever thought about how you would deal with a strangely hypnotic ice cream truck that is luring adults from their houses? or how you might escape from an angry horde of bobbing jellyfish demanding marshmallows? No? Me neither…. Read More


  So, you and your friends are working in the lab one night, when some idiot (you know the one) drops a vial containing a hideous toxin. Not to worry, there’s an antidote. Only…you don’t know which toxin was… Read More

Wok on Fire

  Wok On Fire is a card game that combines set-collection with dexterity to create a quick, simple filler that makes for a pretty fantastic family or party game. I first saw Wok On Fire at GenCon 2016,… Read More

Celebrity Name Game

I really wasn’t supposed to review this game.  This is not my kind of game.  I certainly wasn’t supposed to laugh.  I was supposed to have zero fun.  I was wrong. Celebrity Name Game (PlayMonster) was sent to… Read More

SiXeS – a quick review for a quick party game

SiXeS (Eagle Gryphon Games) is a party game. In fact, the box actually says 6+ in the players count.  It’s a party game and that’s all; don’t try to make it anything else. This game plays like a… Read More