Spy Club

So it’s time again for me to tell you about a game that I can’t tell you much about. And this time it’s for kids. We’ll, certainly not just for kids. It’s called Spy Club and I’ll tell… Read More

The Shipwreck Arcana

Welcome to the Shipwreck Arcana. You and your friends are in a drowned world, but if you can correctly predict each other’s fates you just may get out alive. Shipwreck Arcana is a Cooperative Deduction game where you… Read More

Arkham Ritual

Curious about what was going on in the depths of Miskatonic University, and eager for a juicy story, you have decided to investigate. This will be a tale like no other, and your editor will be very pleased –… Read More

Sub Terra

So you’ve fallen into a cave, just you and some of your buddies. I guess now you should try to find your way out before the batteries in your flashlight run out. Well…get to work! Oh, and did… Read More

5 Minute Dungeon (on Kickstarter November 1)

Set a reminder/alarm/write yourself a note.  November 1 on Kickstarter – 5 Minute Dungeon. That’s all you need to know.  Seriously, you could stop reading now if you want.   Still here?  Listen, I love games.  I love… Read More

Stitches (on Kickstarter now)

At its heart, Stitches is a Monster building/Monster battling game, and that is just fine with me.  Luckily if you’ve ever played Rock Paper Scissors you will be able to learn this game easily. The Story:   Basically you… Read More

Pandemic Legacy (Zero Spoilers)

So if you’ve played one Pandemic, you’ve played them all, right?   Wrong.  Way wrong. Now I can’t tell you much (it would be extremely easy to spoil it for everyone), but I can tell you a little… Read More

T.I.M.E Stories (No Spoilers)

T.I.M.E. Stories (zero spoilers)

T.I.M.E. Stories…okay, this one is going to be hard. You see, the essence of T.I.M.E. Stories is that you are a time-traveling agent who is sent into the past to stop a temporal rift from occurring. Until you start the… Read More