So I saw this game for the first time at GenCon as i was just walking by.  I couldn’t really get close to the booth. There were a lot of people hanging around and plus I had… Read More

Rome: Rise to Power

  Let me start out by saying that I really like this game.  I didn’t necessarily think that I would. I could see it being popular with some of my friends, but Rome is not really my thing. … Read More

Patchwork (or Quilty Tetris)

This is a game about Quilting.   I know what you’re thinking: “Next!”  Right, me too.  But I had seen so many people talking about it that I had to try it, right?  I mean, it’s Tetris, but… Read More

Why I quit Catan and you can too

  I’ve been trying to explain this for awhile, so bear with me: Catan, to me, was a gateway game.  It was not the first game to bring me back to tabletop gaming (that was Lord of the… Read More